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  • After my longest stretch away from Emerald, I’m headed home to these two and I wish I could teleport. ❤️ {📸: @lindsay_vann} #emeraldlincoln
  • Beyond tired but today’s vendor team is giving me life. Tap for creds-these creatives are magic. ✨(And @hotelsaranac, you my home away from home.) {📸: @rodeoandcophoto} #hotelsaranac #saranaclake #adk
  • In 11.5 years I’ll remind you of that time you actually became a teenager in Philadelphia. And sat quietly on a bar stool eating cast-iron baked rolls at @thelovephilly with four adults, and that when we left at 11pm EVERYONE commented on what a cool cucumber you were. I am infinitely proud to be your momma. Now let’s go to a kids museum or something! 🌿☀️ #emeraldlincoln #momsworking #phillyismyfav
  • Life has been feeling a little hard. I’ve been working non-stop. Staring at my computer ALL the time, until ALL hours of the night...and it’s never enough, there’s always more. Emerald goes to bed and I work until 2AM. I’m tired all the time. And just when I thought I couldn’t keep going, I got this letter, well this is an excerpt from a much longer letter... ✨✨
“Literally crying. I’m sorry this took so long but it’s taken me a while to put my finger on how to say it. And by it, I mean “thank you.” It’s been keeping me up at night, going over everything in my head and trying to sort out how I feel. I’ve been wanting to express to you how much everything meant to me, but sending a text didn’t feel sufficient. I could go on forever about every detail of our wedding day, it was perfectly executed and yet thanking you for every detail of our wedding day still doesn’t cut it. It goes beyond the décor of the venue. Growing up, I never pictured my wedding. I never imagined my wedding dress or walking down the aisle or what the color palette would be. I didn’t think I’d ever care enough. You brought out excitement, creativity, and this INCREDIBLY special feeling. Planning our wedding felt magical, instead of boring or cliché. You not only accepted how weird I was (a bride who hates attention and tradition,) you expanded on it. Throughout the process I couldn’t get over how much you really GOT ME. It was like talking to a clone of my creative self, but way better. The wedding started to feel like Joe and I—you essentially turned US into an event. You turned every idea into a beautiful reality, and made the process so much fun. I watch our wedding video and still cannot believe it was OUR wedding. But there’s more, still. I wanted to tell you how much the experience made an impression on me. It has changed me in an unexpected way. Spending time around you and the girls on your team has meant SO MUCH to me. You all have this glow about you, this positive and uplifting energy that draws people to you. (...continued in comment 😭...)
  • Let’s start an army. Link in profile. #togetherrising #lovewarrior #familiesbelongtogether #keepfamiliestogether #keepfamiliestogetheract #immigrantrights #immigrantrightsarehumanrights
  • I lay in bed at night thinking about these children at the border, ripped from their parents arms. I imagine the scene over and over. What would I do? How would I react? Do you stay strong, tell your children everything will be OK, in an effort to keep them calm? Or do you claw and scream and do everything you can to keep them close, because you’re desperate to keep them close. And then they’ll always remember how you fought for them? My heart is fucking broken imagining that feeling. I feel sick. I’m making calls and I’m planning to join a march on June 30th in Hanover, and we’ve launched a fundraiser (LINK IN PROFILE) but it still doesn’t feel like even close to enough. We need an army of love warriors, we need to show these families that America isn’t about hate and sadness and separation, it’s about uniting people, uniting families, protecting those who need safe haven, and taking care of children, no matter where they are from. That’s the America I want to live in. So join our tribe of love warriors, help us raise funds for @together.rising — they’re putting boots on the ground: social workers, lawyers, and they’re using their power to get these children back to their families. Every bit of the proceeds will go there and you’ll receive a tiny treasure, ring or necklace. LINK IN PROFILE. 💗 #togetherrising #keepfamiliestogether #immigrantrightsarehumanrights {📸: @lindsay_vann}

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