19 Jan Meet the Team | By Emily B Circa 2014

I have few words to describe how magical my team is. I have got to be the luckiest business owner in the whole world to have this spectacular group of women working alongside me. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, they are some of the most extraordinary people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

In October, the day after our jam-packed wedding season ended, Meg Hamilton of Rodeo & Co. Photography was kind enough to photograph the team. And what better way than in the woods? Because we’re all lost boys at heart (a term coined by one of our dear friends and clients, Rachel Ensign.) No matter how nice we dress or how polite we are, each of us has an adventurous, lost boy spirit buried deep inside. Our shared ability to dress up and perform  flawlessly in heels or get dirty traipsing  through the woods hanging crystal chandeliers from trees is why we make such a fantastic team…



Maggie (aka “Baby Spice”)




Carlie (aka “seamstress for the band”)


All images above by Rodeo & Co. Photography

And sadly, unable to attend the photoshoot that day (but still an integral and amazing part of our team) are these two beautiful ladies…

Chelsey + Kali

(Photographed by Claris Photography)

 Get all the inside info on the girls and their individual gifts over on the About Us page.