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It’s been a busy spring, which means we haven’t had time to begin using our fancy new blog, but what better way to kick things off than with exciting news? After a big year of booking weddings (in five states,) our home office began to burst at the seams. During the search for a larger space, we decided to open a gift giving and event planning studio. It would be a place where we could do projects, meet with clients, and display our work, while also providing a unique shopping and gift giving experience in our hometown of New London, New Hampshire. We quickly found the perfect little building, signed the lease, and placed the orders. Three months later, we have less than tens days and two big weddings between us and our open date of June 23rd. There is so much still to do, but we wanted to share this exciting development with you. We can’t wait to be a part of the New London community and meet with clients in our shiny new studio…



Here are just a few of the artists/products we’re thrilled to be representing…

Hobo Handbags and Wallets

Sydney Hale Co. 


Sugar Paper 

Junghwa Jewelry by Amy Stewart 

Rifle Paper Co.


Royal Rose

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