30 Jul Branding | True North Bridal Studio

We are launching a new consulting branch of By Emily B. in the next few months and though we weren’t going to talk about it until the site was ready, we’re so thrilled with our first project that we just had to share. Not only will we be designing weddings, per the usual, we will also be consulting in a variety of ways, one being the branding of new small businesses! Using our creative eye and story telling skills, we will work with some of our favorite graphic designers to help generate logos and build your brand story. Much like a wedding, building a small business involves careful planning and creative details that will help you tell the story from start to finish.

Our first project was a collaboration with Lulu & Roo Design Studio for True North Bridal Studio opening soon in Hudson, NY. This one was near and dear because we planned the owner’s wedding two years ago and she remains one of our favorite clients of all time. Stop on over to the website and read Katee’s story, you won’t be sorry.

And be sure to follow True North on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to watch this magical business grow.

Here is the style board and final logo, the result of another awesome collaboration with Emily over at Lulu & Roo Design Studio