12 Sep In the Studio: DIY Thank You Flags

Sometimes people come into the shop and say, “I need a thank you gift.” So, we get out the glue gun and the alphabet stamps, and make these…

…then we pop them in potted succulents.

 They’re a pretty little gift for just about anyone!

BBQ skewers
Hot glue
Gold spray paint
Alphabet stamps
Washi Tape

1. Spray your skewers gold. We usually use a box or box top for this, rolling the skewers once they dry and spraying again.
2. Leaving a quarter inch of blank paper before the first letter, stamp your desired message onto the paper and cut into thin strips.
3. Once dry, cut your skewers to the desired length and attach your message strips to the skewers with a bit of hot glue, wrapping that quarter inch of un-stamped paper around the skewer.
4. Cut the end of your message strip to create the flag-like shape you desire
5. Add washi tape for pattern or color above and/or below the message!