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  • Post-event Sundays where I eat @autumnnomad desserts for breakfast and stare at pretty @rodeoandcophoto photos over ☕️. Cannnn’t wait for you guys to see how magical @katherine.stuart’s baby shower was. ✨🌙 {📸: @rodeoandcophoto} #sundaylazysunday #byemilybevents #discoballsandbabies #theliverysunapee @sunapeelivery
  • I’m so glad you came into Breaking New Grounds for a coffee 14 years ago. I just knew that if I became a barista in college, I’d get lucky like Felicity and find my Ben. And I was right, I knew the second I saw you. I wasn’t entirely sure all there was to know, but I definitely knew and dang, my instincts were on point that day! And Felicity proved to be a solid example for the majority of my late teen life choices. #14yearsandcounting #wandrlustcollective {📸: @lindsay_vann}
  • 💛⏸ #emeraldlincoln {📸: @lindsay_vann}
  • This is actually probably somewhat accurate right now since Kit Kat is 35 wks pregnant. See you two fruit tarts tmrw. {📸: @sbswan} #stillgottapack #wandrlustcollective
  • ☀️🌸🌷✨#springthings #isitmayyet
  • That’s a wrap! Egg salad, anyone? @tattly @riflepaperco #eastersunday #hardboiledeggsfordays 🐣🐰

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