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  • Table for 100, plz. ✨💫 #reservations #bricksouth #meowterspace #meowyjane #byemilybeventdesign {📸: @lindsay_vann}
  • I don’t want to carry gratitude in seasons. I want to carry it in my bones, I want it to rest on my tongue like it is a language that I never stop speaking. -@arielleestoria // I don’t feel like this person this morning: light, happy, grateful. I feel a little defeated. I feel overwhelmed like I’m doing so much that I can’t do anything right. I feel uncertain about a new future I’m building. I feel under-appreciated, like some of the work I do isn’t being truly seen. I feel distant from family. I feel like I can’t give anything my all because I’m not giving enough to myself. I actually feel sort of scared, for the first time in a long time. But so often it takes baby steps, outside your comfort zone, to get where you’re truly meant to be. So right now I’m just trying to take a few at a time and stay outside my safe place because that’s where the hard work gets done. And my goal for 2019 is to just feel grateful. And patient. Gratitude for this life. And patience with myself. #finallyacceptingits2019 {📸: @callistoandco}
  • I cannnnnot wait to tell you guys what we’re working on right now... in February. The future is bright. ✨🔮💎💫 #meowyjane #meowterspace #greenweddingshoes #magicthings #ringvibes
  • I spray painted parts of this bouquet at 5am outside the venue. Because this bride is a badass. #meowterspace #meowyjane #greenweddingshoes #byemilybfloral #bricksouth #mainebride {📸: @lindsay_vann}
  • Champagne Supernova 💫 (we also served a ‘Meowgarita’ rimmed in edible stars.) Full kitten+space wedding featured on @greenweddingshoes at the link in my profile. #meowterspace #champagnesupernova #barmenu #bricksouth #meowyjane {📸: @lindsay_vann}
  • One of my favorite things about this shot was that when I went to compile the separate space and cat facts for the place cards designed by @finkprints, I actually found facts about cats IN space. Which really upped the ante. 🐱🌙 (THIS Meowter Space-themed wedding for @meowy_jane featured on @greenweddingshoes yesterday!) ✨⭐️💫 {📸: @lindsay_vann} #meowterspace #catfacts #catsinspace #meowyjane #byemilybeventdesign #byemilybfloral #bricksouth #mainewedding #portlandmaine

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