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By Emily B. on Instagram
  • The film scans are back!! Mixed vintage glassware from Elisabeth and Pearson's Vermont wedding! The bride and her mother collected it all ✨ and the By Emily B. team displayed it in this gorgeous rosé-colored shelf. So much pretty. {📷: @rodeoandcophoto} #byemilybteam #rodeoandtheunicorns
  • This weekend I worked 90 hours in 5 days. We started Thursday at 4am and finished Monday at 8pm. The exhaustion is REAL, especially because I'm growing a tiny human, but the reward is immeasurable when you have two gorgeous, happy clients tie the knot in one weekend and when you worked every one of those hours alongside your best friends and your family. And then you receive film shots, taken by one of your best friends of your other bestie's wedding and another best friend has left a delicious dinner in your fridge, and despite the total exhaustion and pain in every part of your body--you realize this life is the best life. It's beyond anything I ever could have dreamed. #byemilybevents #tuesdays #rodeoandtheunicorns {📷: @rodeoandcophoto}
  • Four weddings in two weeks? Shit's about to get REAL. Follow on Snap👻: byemilyb. (Or I'll try to remember IG has stories now.) First up--a Jurassic Park theme for the COOLEST couple: @peaveymegan. 💚 #readysetgo #byemilybevents #byemilybfloral #rodeoandtheunicorns {📷: @rodeoandcophoto for our sweet @rachelwilsonlogan}
  • One more from the weekend because TWO OF MY BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD got married. And it was beautiful. Have fun in Napa, @j611jojo and @bc_hollywood. We love you and are so honored to have been a part of this day. #roséonthedancefloor #rodeoandtheunicorns {📷: @rodeoandcophoto | Gown: @bhldn | Makeup: @jenniferperelliemakeup}
  • When you get to make one of your best girl's bridal bouquets six years after she made yours. ✨#besties #bridesmaiding #byemilybteam #byemilybfloral #rodeoandtheunicorns #roséonthedancefloor {📷: @rodeoandcophoto}
  • An OG By Emily B. unicorn (and one of my absolute bests) got married this weekend -- and there was an explosion of awesome. #roséonthedancefloor #byemilybteam #byemilybfloral #rodeoandtheunicorns {📷: @rodeoandcophoto | Gown: @bhldn | Makeup: @jenniferperelliemakeup | Hair: @billybazook 😏}

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