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By Emily B. on Instagram
  • I had a mini, kinda freaky health scare, which dragged on for the past month and earned me an afternoon of tests at Dartmouth yesterday. And though I received the "all clear" and I'm good-to-go, I learned a really important lesson: life is precious and undeniably short, and health is wealth. Taking care of your mind and body so you're here to experience all the good stuff is all that truly matters. The thought of missing even a moment of my future, watching my daughter grow up with all the people I love, terrified me to my core. My heart is so full and I am so blessed, and a frustrating afternoon of icky testing was worth it for the way it realigned my perspective. Feeling as if you are not healthy is frightening in ways I didn't previously understand so to anyone fighting a battle with their health, I want to find a way to better stand by you and support you. I'd love to know how best I can do that. For now I am refocusing on work and getting caught up! If you emailed me, I promise I see it and I'm working through the inbox. ❤
  • That time Emerald fell asleep during a photoshoot. And let's be real, those banana leaves outside the @wandrlustcollective house are what dreams are made of. #sleepysundays #emeraldlincoln {📸: @lindsayvannphoto | Lion King-inspired baby hold by @katherine.stuart}
  • With four destination weddings in the next two months things are about to get super wanderlust-y around here, but first there's lots of work to do and many a late night in my immediate future. #wanderlustcollective #byemilybonthego {📸: @lindsayvannphoto | styling: @byemilyb + @katherine.stuart + @sbswan -- all for @wandrlustcollective | Bag: @forestbound | Dress: @flynnskye}
  • Wellllll, you all know how I feel about puppies. And Fig, circa 2014 (in the midst of wedding prep,) is one of my very favorite puppies. #nationalpuppyday #byemilybfloral
  • Three months old tomorrow and making my heart explode on the daily. #emeraldlincoln #12weeksold #theweeklyemerald #3monthsold #slowdownkid
  • Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite. {📸: @rodeoandcophoto | By Emily B. design collaboration with @rachelwilsonlogan | Bouquet: @afterallfarm for #byemilybfloral} #vermontbride #vermontwedding #summeriscoming

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