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  • How’s that expression go...”I’ll sleep when I’m dead?” Yeah, that’s it. I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Cuz dang, things are crazy rn. #3moreweddings #3moreweeks #byemilybevents #fallisweddingseason
  • I have something to say, and this is it: whenever I post here it’s because I’m proud. I’m proud of me, proud of you, proud of all of us for carving out this weird place in the world where we can share a small piece of what it means to be human. I post because I want to share my hard work, because it’s really, really hard work. And sometimes, late at night (or the early morning) after walking 12 miles around a venue and being on my feet for 20 hours, I question why I’m doing it, until I see the photos and hear from the client that they really felt their story was told. Until the groom tells me that they’re still breathless days and weeks later because of the way in which my team executed a vision that fulfilled their dreams. I post this stuff here in hopes that if you’re not yet doing what you’re meant to do, that you’ll go out and do it. Even it if means working two jobs for 9 years. You’ll be tired, like me, but eventually someone will see you. Like really see you. And all you’ve built will have a purpose. #thatswhy #byemilybevents {📸: @the_spragues}
  • Good morning. ☀️ #flowergarland #twinlakevillage #sealsthedeal2018 {📸: @lindsay_vann}
  • The air has changed and it’s got me missing these two and all our fall 2017 adventures at Turner Hill. 💀🖤🍂 Annnnd... with the changes in weather, comes some changes in the future of By Emily B. We are about to light some shit up! ✨🕯So stay with us... we have three AMAZING fall events left before a big reveal about our seriously jolly future. ⭐️#fallmagic #bizrebrand #byemilybevents {📸: @the_spragues}y
  • Gearing up for a few days at our favvvv spot—@twinlakevilla with @ily.davis @chelseyyray @lissybits @emmacatherinec and @abby_stearns (oh and our favorite new token male @nick_skarin!) It was a 4am morning and a 90 degree trip home from the flower market but I’m already missing summer when I look at the forecast. Good thing this weekend’s wedding is for a couple badass skiers. Bring on the cool temps. 💨 #seeyasummer #septemberweddings {📸: @lindsay_vann}
  • Favorite bouquet for a favorite bride at my favorite venue. Take me back to June. #summerdontgo #sealsthedeal2018

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