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  • On nearly her 9th birthday, I am saying goodbye to By Emily B. Not to the vision or the work, but to the name and to the crazy adventure of running a business on your own. My team is absolutely amazing, but I've carried the heavy burden of entrepreneurship alone for nearly a decade and I don't have to anymore, which is an incredible relief. And from a new partnership, a new brand is born. But that certainly doesn't mean we'll ever forget our roots. Named for Emily Bronte, I look back at what we built with By Emily B. and I feel like we did her name proud. Her wild and abiding courage has inspired me since I fell in love with literature in high school. Wuthering Heights taught me about love and perseverance, about bravery and courage, and that was a message I worked hard to deliver through our work. We took risks and did it with heart, which is something I will be forever proud of. But like anything else, this adventure has an end. I just feel lucky that it's a happy one, with a fresh, exciting start on the horizon. Jack Kerouc may have said it best ”...but we lean forward to our next crazy venture beneath the skies.” #byemilybevents #theprismhouse {📸: @jamiemercuriophoto // Makeup: @makingfacesweddings at @thetanneryloft}
  • A wise woman once said, "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." The rules have changed.  #theprismhouse {🎥: @nick_skarin at @thetanneryloft // Calligraphy: @luluandroodesign // Cakes: @autumnnomad}
  • Let’s do it. #theprismhouse ✨🌈 {📸 @jamiemercuriophoto}
  • Do it for your, dare I say forever. #theprismhouse ✨🌈
  • (Family emergency and sickness somewhat controlled—countdown to big news resumed.) #theprismhouse ✨🌈
  • #theprismhouse ✨🌈

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