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  • ✨Monday PSA✨My magical email has been going to everyone’s spam (which I feel super calm about 🙄.) So if we’ve been communicating, pretty please check your spam folders! Thank you, thank you. {📸: @rodeoandcophoto // with @peakeventservices + #byemilybteam}
  • I love her and her father so fiercely. And that is all that matters. Not the stacks of mail, messy garage, disorganized closets. Or the unhealthy dinner of mac & cheese, or the fact that we spent the entire weekend ignoring every other responsibility except being together with our best friends. It’s not about the perfect second birthday invite going out on time or ending your Sunday with a sparkling clean kitchen and all the laundry done. That didn’t happen but it doesn’t matter. I just love her and her father (and Fig too!) with every ounce of my being, and that is it. ✨ #emeraldlincoln #christmas2019
  • Let your heart be light. ✨{📸: @rodeoandcophoto + @luluandroodesign @byemilyb @cbearwoodbine @abby_stearns @nick_skarin @mb_graphics} #christmasatthefells #haveyourselfamerrylittlechristmas
  • Do it for yourself. Do it for the girl. Do it for your, dare I say forever. #forever {📸: @lindsay_vann} (GUYS, the new MUMFORD is evvvvverything. ❤️)
  • Sometimes the dreamiest parts of the story are the small ones. ✨ {📸: @rodeoandcophoto with #byemilybfloral + #byemilybteam + @peakeventservices} #ceremony #weddingceremony #dreamythings #fallinvermont
  • December, tied for my favorite month (with May and July,) and I’m kicking it off with a five day detox because cocktails. #decemberdetox @lissy_tiu @katherine.stuart @lindsay_vann 😏

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