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  • Winter is coming. #vikingfeast #byemilybshoots #rodeoandtheunicorns {📸: @rodeoandcophoto + @byemilyb @autumnnomad  @ehfloral @peakeventservices @cbearwoodbine @luluandroodesign}
  • How in the world was this one month ago?! Is it possible to feel like you “miss” a day? It wasn’t even my wedding and I just want to go back to this moment. I was tired, bruised, and wedding season had defeated me a little bit. I’d lost 18 lbs from stress and the dark circles under my eyes made me feel unrecognizable when I looked in the mirror. I’d neglected my family and was having trouble keeping up with every part of my life. Like I’d lost control of everything except my ability to put a team together and get to these events. But this day. This day was the truest kind of magic there is in this world. And here’s why. These clients: my 4th wedding for this incredible, marvelous, love-filled family. And the love of this couple is unparalleled. My team: working so hard, staying so positive in freezing temps, proving themselves over and over whilst staying together in a cozy, magical house in the White Mountains. I just LOVE them. The design: so, so dreamy. And the venue: I mean, hello. Just look at it. But guys...I made mistakes this day, dropped the ball on certain items (some of which will never leave the inner circle of By Emily B) and yet it was perfect. Freaking perfect. Proving that everyone is human, mistakes can be fixed, and that the magic doesn’t come from perfection, it comes from the heart. Delivering an event from your heart, even when there are mistakes, will always, always lead to more magic than perfection. Happy one month anniversary, @bunnyverney and @galen6o3verney, we love you guys with all our hearts. #byemilybevents {📸: @jessiecaseyphoto}
  • Christmas at @thefellsestate is up through Sunday 11/11! We are so proud of our room. Please go support this awesome historic property, get inspired by the beautiful decor, and leave in the mood to decorate! The holiday spirit is contagious for sure. #thatholidayspirit #christmasatthefells #christmasdecor #byemilybfloral
  • 🐆❤️ // #emeradlincoln {📸: @rodeoandcophoto}
  • You can measure your worth by your dedication to your path, not by your successes or failures. @elizabeth_gilbert_writer #bigmagic #sundays #byemilybfloral {📸: @lindsay_vann}
  • Zombie prom date. // 🧟‍♀️❤️🧟‍♂️ #dreamsdocometrue #onhalloween

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