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  • Sweet, sweet VI. 💙
  • 👆🏻TOMORROW, NEW LONDON, NH. Please join us and help us send relief to the islands. There will be lots of ways to help + music, jewelry, delicious food and cocktails. 💙 #irma #irmarelief #stjohn #usvi #caribbean
  • This girl right here. Raising money for her community when her home has no roof. Focused fully on a fundraiser while separated from the one she loves. She's my hero. Your generosity towards our campaign has been unparalleled, immense. Yet we're not stopping until we hit our goal. Please, please help us contribute to the rebuild of so many beautiful Caribbean communities. The land and its people are so resilient, but let's show them they don't have to do it alone. All profits go to St. John Rescue and @virginunite. LINK IN PROFILE: treasure for you, a bounty for those in need. #katherinestuartdesign #katherinestuartXbyemilyb {📸: @lindsay_vann}
  • We're overwhelmed by your love and support of our Hurricane Irma jewelry fundraiser with @katherine.stuart. We raised $20k in just the first 24 hours, but we are still working towards our goal of selling 500 necklaces and spreading all the love towards those who suffered loss during Hurricane Irma. The St. John community is rallying and showing us the true strength of the human spirit, and we can't wait to get them our funds. But the news coming out of the BVI is that they too need tons of support so we want to give love to all neighboring Caribbean islands with this additional 'Caribbean Strong' necklace. All profits will be donated to @richardbranson's @virginunite fund. All overhead for the organization is covered by Branson, which means 100% of the profits go to relief efforts.  Please share! Irma has left devastation in her wake. This isn't over.
  • In the wake of Irma's impact on the Caribbean, there are scary things happening but more importantly there are endless stories of love coming out of the islands. The USVI will absolutely come back from this, stronger and more beautiful. Your tourism will be essential sooner than you think. Keep all of that in mind when you're sharing the story of the islands, and please do share! We are still selling @katherine.stuart's jewelry to raise money for St. John Rescue and @virginunite, launching a new style today! Please visit the link in my profile and support us. ALL profits will go to these organizations and you'll receive a tiny treasure. Heck, do some Christmas shopping and know your gifts served a deep and meaningful purpose. There is also an address and list of supplies needed in my story, if you prefer to donate that way. ❤️ #irma #irmarelief #hurricanrelief #stjohn #usvi #usvirginislands #bvi #virginunite
  • THANK YOU, @goop and @gwynethpaltrow for sharing this message and this beautiful image by @moxieandepoxy! Let's help St John, the rest of the Virgin Islands, Florida, and Texas, who should not be forgotten about as they recover. And residents displaced by the wildfires out west! Link in @goop's profile for a list of agencies. Also! @katherine.stuart and I are still raising money with jewelry,  the response has been massive but we can do better! LINK IN MY PROFILE. I don't care how you do it, let's just care for one another now. #irma #harvey #hurricanerelief 
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This beautiful community and many others across the Caribbean, Texas, and now, Florida, have been left devastated by hurricanes. Meanwhile, in Montana, Washington, and Oregon fires have left countless families displaced throughout the region. There are many international, national, and local agencies doing incredible on-the-ground work, but for those of us who are thousands of miles away, sending money is one of the most efficient ways to help. We’ve gathered a list of places to donate to and will continue to update as more relief efforts continue to develop (LINK IN BIO). If you can swing it, ongoing monthly donations for the foreseeable future are particularly great. Please help spread the word and stay safe out there. #hurricaneirma #hurricaneharvey 📷: @katherine.stuart @moxieandepoxy

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